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Corporate Training & Consulting

Functional Testing

Verification and Validation Framework to test the system behavior in accordance to business requirements and design specifications, responds correctly to all the test conditions and events. End-to-End software testing and quality engineering solutions for a production-ready product, in compliance with all functional requirements.

Technology keeps advancing at a very rapid pace every day. In today's highly competitive market, this creates a necessity for corporates to adapt to these rapidly evolving technologies instantly. This means that individuals working with these corporates should always have the latest knowledge of the technologies they work on.

However, conducting training for candidates (existing and new) on regular basis becomes a task in itself for companies. Keeping this in mind, we have started training courses for the corporates. Our corporate trainers are a perfect blend of knowledge and teaching skills. They also have the ability to analyze the training needs of the group being trained. This enables them to conduct their training keeping in mind the ability and knowledge of the candidates.

Benefits of Corporate Training with Tech Bodhi

  • Trainers are industry experts having deep and thorough understanding of the subject
  • Courses are designed in a way to Effective training skills
  • Trainers have excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Interactive training sessions which help in a better understanding of the subject
  • Course also contains assignments covering all topics to help candidates evaluate their knowledge
  • Training material and assistance is provided
  • Post Training support is provided for implementation
  • Technology and Process Consultancy is provided

Our Priority

Tech Bodhi prioritizes, training execution as its core competency. Our major strength has been our "Quality Training Delivery Solutions" and "Client Co-ordination" that we provide to our clientele. With "Quality Training" being our prime motto, we follow strict processes in assessing the trainers and the training requirements. Our competitive pricing, customer approach and the will to handle challenging engagements, enable us to attract and retain quality trainers and High Demand Clients in the industry.

Quality & Delivery Process

  • Our process begins with the identification of the right trainers to match the training requirements by analyzing our training engagements.
  • The trainers undergo a mandatory qualification process.
  • Next, the "Trainer Profile" is submitted along with "course coverage" to the client.
  • A technical discussion by our trainer with the client is held to ascertain the training needs and articulate the training execution.
  • A list of topics the trainer is experienced and competent to instruct is prepared and submitted along with a minimum of three professionals training references from our existing clients.
  • Regular monitoring of Quality in Training Delivery is an ongoing practice.
  • Continuous evaluate and develop our trainers to their fullest potential.
  • Every session is observed and monitored before, during, and after by assigned coordinators who provide status reports to both the client and the trainer.

Technology Span

  • IT Training
    • Emerging Technologies like DevOPs, AWS, Cloud Computing, etc.
    • Java Technologies
    • Microsoft Technologies
    • Main Frame Technologies
    • Data Science
    • Data Bases
    • Software Testing spectrum like Manual. ISTQB, Automation, Performance and Security - Selenium, JMeter, Appium, etc.
    • Niche Technologies like BigData/Hadoop, PeopleSoft, Mumps, etc.
    • Open Source Technologies like Python, PERL, RUBY and open source tools
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Process and Management Training

Mahendra Kamble

Corporate Training Manager

Contact Mahendra Kamble for the corporate training requirements related to IT or Soft Skills or Management

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